The Saga of Recluce

Dorrin's writings on the mechanics of order
History of Cyador's destruction
Prophecies from the original leader of Westwind
reflections –in verse– from around the time of Cyads founding
Concerning the legacy of Emperor Alaykial, and the paradox of the Magi'i

Colours of White

History of the chaos-mages - till the founding of Fairhaven
Philosophy on the workings of chaos


On patrolling the Accursed Forest
Management of the chaos towers
Management of personnel maintaining chaos towers
On the management of waste in Fairhaven
Rules and guidelines for city patrollers

Minor Works

Relyn and the Black Temples
One perspective on the "Legend" (story?).?
Stars and their inner chaos fire
A small section on herblore
The reputed exploits of Rohrn
From the ashes of the Accursed Forest
Obfuscated signs and portents – (Title unknown)
Creslin, Dorrin, and Justen
Book Titles mentioned in The Recluce Saga


Love Songs from in the Saga
Songs enjoyed (and/or composed) by the denizens of Westwind
Miscellaneous songs featured in the Saga

The Corean Chronicles

Historical fragment extolling the 'virtues' of the Duarchy.
Philosophy of the Duarchy
Poems from the series.
Songs from the series.

The Spellsong Cycle

Anna explaining song sorcery and the distinctions between Clearsong and Darksong.

Spell Folder

Short and long arrow spells.
New and destructive words for 'The Battle Hymn of the Republic'.
Those spells used by Lord Brill.
Construction of forts, holdings, bridges, roads, etc.
Sorcery accompanied by drums.
Short and long flame spells.
Compulsion spells.
Searching and converting metals and minerals.
See the wonders of the Mist Worlds..
Repelling unwanted advances.
Seeking spells. Searching for danger etc.
Transporting, purifying, heating, and cooling.
Miscellaneous spells.

Gravity Dreams

Dzin chapter headings and occasional text

The Parafaith War

The Ethos Effect


Proposed 'Agreement between the Peoples of Old Earth and the Union of Vereal Systems'
As recalled by Coordinator Ecktor


The Forever Hero

by Exton Land
Concerning ecological reconstruction, by Accardo Avero
The Book of Deeds
Observations concerning toxic Marduk, by Peitral H'Litre

Empire and Ecolitan

by Sanches D. P. Kwixot
by Exton Land
Query 1 Manifesto series

The Octagonal Raven

by Exton Land
Personal Notes [selected excerpts]