1 — The Caldron: 4513

To that which is born, death is certain;
to that which is dead, birth is certain.

2 — Hybra: 4511

Dzin must be seized with bare hands and open eyes.

Old Dzin saying

The clouds are in the sky; the water is in the well.

Gravity Dreams - page:10

as Abbo Sanhedron said…

Explanation is not awareness.

Gravity Dreams - page:11

3 — Henvor: 4503

Truth is not somewhere else.

A friendly greeting and Tyndel's ’dzin’ reply

"Happy awakening to you, candidate scholar."

"May the mists always be soft at dawn."

Gravity Dreams - page:16

Abbo Sanhedran on wisdom

There is no ceremony to wisdom, and wisdom requires none.

The individual reveres wisdom because it increases self;
the merchant because it increases coins;
and the scholar because wisdom is the first step to ignorance.

May the wisdom you possess truly be but a first step on that journey.

Gravity Dreams - page:16

A Manwarr platitude

A true Dzin image renders insights beyond speech.

Gravity Dreams - page:18

Tyndel thinks this is obvious & threadbare.


Through disappointment, through the eye of the needle, lies shradda.

Gravity Dreams - page:18

shradda—’faith,’perfect faith in the triumph of true ignorance.

4 — Lyncol: 4513

Explanation is not an escape from suffering.

5 — Hybra: 4510

Better to see the face than hear the name.

6 — Lyncol: 4513

Where are you between two thoughts.

Dzin mantra

Concentrate on being aware of what is; seek no explanations; seek but awareness.

Gravity Dreams - page:30

7 — Mettersfel: 4503

Wretched are all who work for results.

8 — Hybra: 4512

All societies are evil, sorrowful, and inequitable, and always will be.

Therefore, if you wish to help the world, you must first learn to live in it and then teach others the same.

Knowledge & ignorance

Knowledge begets power.
Power begets force.
Force is applied from ignorance.
Knowledge leads to ignorance.

Gravity Dreams - page:42

from schoolbook…see following excerpt

The Twofold Path

The total of knowledge is greater than the ability of any individual to assimilate.

Because an individual does not comprehend what he or she does not know, the selection of knowledge by an individual is based on the knowledge possessed.

The greater the knowledge possessed, the less likely the individual to discover ignorance.

The less the knowledge possessed by the individual, the more likely ignorance is to be revealed.

Thus, greater knowledge leads to greater influence by ignorance, and greater ignorance to greater influence by knowledge.

Gravity Dreams - page:42

Abbo Sanhedran on knowledge

Of making great knowledge there is no end, and much study, and the knowledge therefrom is a weariness of the flesh and a deadening of the spirit.

Gravity Dreams - page:43

The dangers of knowledge are threefold

There is the danger of not learning;
the danger of learning too much;
and the danger of not understanding.

Gravity Dreams - page:43

9 — Mettersfel: 4503

Openness to the world, to what is, can never be acquired.

10 — Hybra: 4512

You may know your thoughts,
but you are not your thoughts.

11 — Lyncol: 4513

If the body is unmastered, the mind will remain unmastered.

12 — Deep Lake: 4512

All is equally fair and good and foul and evil;
only the individual will claim something is but one.

13 — Lyncol: 4513

The objective universe is absolutely unreal.

14 — Deep Lake: 4512

He who would not be hammer will be anvil.

A Manwarr mantra

Explanation is not awareness.

Gravity Dreams - page:73

…repeat when stressed!

15 — Lyncol: 4513

One can never conclusively prove an idea, only disprove it.

16 — Lyncol: 4514

Right in itself has no authority, but follows might as the smoke the wind.

17 — Lyncol/Runswi: 4513

As soon as a thing is named, its essence is limited, if not lost, for nothing is limited to its name.

18 — Runswi: 4514

Truth is one, although the sages call it by many names.

19 — Runswi: 4514

To the work alone are you entitled, never to its fruit.

20 — Runswi: 4514

Every individual's face is no more and no less than a mask.

21 — Runswi: 4514

Symbolic forms have always been the supports of civilizations, their laws, and their morality.

Since symbolic forms are illusions, and illusions sustain civilization, those who rule must maintain illusion.

22 — Runswi/Orbit One: 4514

To oppose is to maintain what one opposes.

23 — Orbit Two/E. Cygni: 4532

Enlightenment shatters the illusory realities of the world.

24 — Omega Eridani: 4515

No society that places the individual above itself will survive;
but neither will any society that places the individual below itself.

25 — Omega Eridani: 4515

Those who err without understanding
shall die without comprehending.

26 — Omega Eridani: 4515

Freedom and ignorance are incapable of long coexistence.

27 — Omega Eridani: 4515

Those who reward vain attempts encourage such and discourage true accomplishment.

28 — Omega Eridani: 4515

The shape of a container is not the nature of that which is contained.

29 — Omega Eridani: 4515

The passion for analysis does not reflect upon the accuracy of the analyzer.

30 — Omega Eridani: 4516

When the complexity of social patterning is reduced, so is individual freedom.

31 — Omega Eridani: 4516

Be not afraid of the universe.

32 — Omega Eridani: 4516

To see what is, make your mind like a mirror, to reflect what is as it is, not as your heart or mind would see it.

33 — Omega Eridani: 4516

Life is merely a succession of appearances

34 — Omega Eridani: 4516

The ancients sought their gods in temples, in worldly goods, in the technology they created, and lastly in the stars. They found neither gods nor enlightenment in the materials of the universe, nor will any wise soul find aught in such but the reflection of sorrow.

35 — Omega Eridani: 4517

There is no 'truth', for the very term requires both conformity with physically verifiable reality and adherence to the underlying belief system of the 'truth-seeker'. Belief systems, by definition, place faith in the unknowable above factual verification, while facts stand independent of faith.

36 — Omega Eridani: 4517

The world is a mirror lit by consciousness: in the darkness it is empty.

37 — Omega Eridani: 4517

When you seek a cause, you have already created a result.

38 — Omega Eridani: 4517

Desire always seeks to deceive pure thought.

39 — Omega Eridani: 4517

Illumination cannot be communicated.

40 — Omega Eridani: 4517

All life is sorrow.

41 — Omega Eridani: 4517

Pride is a dim lamp on a dark road.

42 — Omega Eridani: 4518

When facts are combined into an assemblage of verifiable's, their illusion becomes reality.

43 — Omega Eridani: 4518

A shadow in darkness reveals more than it conceals.

44 — A. Felini: 4530

Your concern alone is the action of duty, not the judgment of that duty.

45 — Omega Eridani: 4519

All beings have gods to worship; not all gods respect those who offer worship.

Dzin on perfection

The concern is the perfection of the work, not the perfection of the worker.

Gravity Dreams - page:242

46 — Omega Eridani: 4519

The universe has no destination.

47 — Runswi: 4519

You may know your body, but you are not your body.

48 — Runswi: 4519

All life is structure.

49 — Runswi: 4519

The effective use of symbolism is a key with knife edges.

50 — Runswi: 4519

When the symbolic images developed by the society no longer work, and the images which do work are not those of the society, the individual has nowhere to turn.

51 — Runswi: 4519

Do not seek truth through brighter light or inspection of appearances.

52 — Runswi: 4519

The most absolute lie is the presentation of an irrefutable fact based on unassailable numbers.

53 — Runswi: 4519

All that is material decays, unlike virtue and sincerity.

54 — Runswi: 4519

When the windows of perception are cleansed, the individual sees the universe appears as it is.

55 — Runswi: 4519

The universe offers no deception and no encouragement; intelligence creates both.

56 — Runswi: 4519

Significant images render insights beyond speech.

57 — Runswi/Lyncol: 4519

To forget the snows of yesterday is to deny the first flower of spring.

58 — Lyncol: 4519

Those who praise honesty have not felt its knives.

59 — Runswi: 4520

That which cannot be constructed cannot be annihilated.

60 — Runswi: 4520

Life is born from darkness, not from light.

61 — Runswi: 4520

Movement is illusion; so is stasis.

62 — Lyncol: 4520

Visions are born and die in those who behold them.

63 — Runswi/Orbit Two: 4520

The body senses reality; the mind interprets it; trust your body.

64 — Orbit Two: 4520

Each action creates multiple reactions; act seldom and well.

65 — Orbit Two: 4521

Never mistake a pilot for a guide. The former travels to a goal, taking passengers whether they truly wish to accompany him or not; the latter helps others see both the journey and the destination.

66 — Orbit Two: 4521

A river is water undertaking a journey, yet life is not a river, nor man a pilot upon it.

67 — Lyncol: 4521

The difference between truth and honesty is the difference between the riverbed and the river.

68 — Earth Orbit Two/Santerene: 4521

Technically developed self-consciousness isolates the self to an individual who reduces others to the status of things.

69 — Runswi: 4522

Science cannot be 'true' in the absolute sense, and that is why a society based on science alone cannot survive, for the people require absolute truths. Symbolic uncertainty is the downfall of civilization.

70 — Earth Orbit Two/Beta Candace: 4522

Each journey is the same journey, yet those who travel together go separate ways.

71 — Orbit Two: 4523

To tell another what one has sensed is to paint a scene without colour or perspective.

72 — Actean: 4525

Life offers no theology. There is but music and dance.

73 — Lyncol: 4526

Beware of those who truly garden ... for they see people as plants.

74 — Orbit Two/Beta Candace: 4526

Human beings presume questions have answers; the universe does not address such presumption.

75 — Beta Candace/E. Cygni: 4527

Words are not a conversation; conversation is not dialogue; dialogue does not always lead to honesty.

76 — E. Cygni/Orbit Two: 4529

The void is coeval with all things and is not subject to being obstructed by things, nor does it hinder the coming and going of all things.

77 — Lyncol: 4529

Grasp emptiness, and emptiness is form. Grasp form, and it is emptiness.

78 — Lyncol: 4530

Studying the physics of light is not illumination.

79 — Thesalle/Orbit Two: 4531

Myths dissected by logic and science die, and so does the culture that lived by them.

80 — Lyncol: 4531

Belief in destiny becomes an excuse for inaction or a rationale for self-centred action.

81 — Lyncol/Orbit Two: 4532

Each person believes in self-uniqueness: snowflakes are equally unique.

82 — E. Cygni/A. Felini: 4533

Those who believe in 'truth' are invariably disappointed.

83 — Earth Orbit Two: 4534

Form is emptiness; leave that emptiness without falling into it.

84 — Lyncol: 4534

Humankind is myth.

85 — Henvor: 4535