Society is based on morality.

Morality rests on consensus and requires the use of power to remove those who will not accept that consensus.

The continued existence of a shared morality rests on the forbearance of every single individual within a society from claiming the entire fruit of his or her labour.

A society's ability to achieve consensus is inversely proportional to the size and complexity of society, to the degree of technological advancement, and to the speed of internal communications.

The more complex a society's framework, the shorter the existence of that incarnation of a society.

Power cannot be maintained and effectively exercised without a moral structure accepted and practiced by all because power attracts the corruptible and because corruption destroys consensus.

Certain individuals are born incapable of forbearance; so are certain cultures.

Thus, continuation of society rests on: the willingness of each individual to accept the shared values of the society; the willingness and the ability of those in power to remove those who do not support the morality of the society; and the willingness of all to limit the size and complexity of society to the scope of consensus required.

Adiamante - chapter:6