If the government of Old Earth, as represented by the Planetary Coordinator, does not accept the full terms of the attached Agreement within twenty-four hours local time, or less, if deemed necessary by me, the forces of the Union of Vereal Systems will immediately apply Provision six.

When a people has been grievously wronged, deprived of home, hearth, liberty, and free pursuit of happiness and destiny, its first duty is to ensure that such basic human rights are restored to all its members and to establish in the course of their reestablishment the protection of such rights. They have the manifest right and duty to redress any and all conditions which lead to past oppressions and injustices. Such a duty requires that all prudent steps be taken to ensure that the perpetrators of such injustices never have the ability, the technology, nor the means of transportation to pose a threat to those the perpetrators once wronged.

Therefore, under the terms of the charter of the Union of the Vereal Systems, any permanent agreement between the people of Old Earth and the Union of Vereal Systems shall incorporate the following provisions, as a minimal condition for the continued physical survival of Old Earth's peoples.

Adiamante - chapter:31

Provision the First:

The peoples of Old Earth shall provide at all times and in all places complete and open access to all communications systems, protocols, and associated technology, technical documentation, and systems design.

Provision the Second:

The appropriate authorities of the Union of Vereal Systems shall supervise and ensure the deactivation and destruction of all satellite systems massing greater than 100 kilograms.

Provision the Third:

The peoples of Old Earth shall surrender to the authority of the Union of Vereal Systems all aircraft and spacecraft with a design capacity of greater than ten occupants.

Provision the Fourth:

To ensure that the conditions and tyranny which created the great human disaster known as The Flight are never reestablished, the peoples of Old Earth, under the supervision of appropriate authority of the Union of Vereal Systems, shall sterilize all adults classified as "demis" so that such adults are incapable of reproduction. Further, any child born subsequent to this provision, upon reaching physical maturity and being classified as a demi, shall also be so sterilized.

Provision the Fifth:

The peoples of Old Earth shall form a planetary government representing the draff population, provided that the actions of such government shall be subject to review by the appropriate governing authorities of the Union of Vereal Systems. Provided further, such actions by the government of Old Earth may be modified and/or supplemented by the reviewing authority, and such revisions or supplemental laws will supercede any existing laws or policies.

Provision the Sixth:

Failure to adhere strictly yo the provisions of this Agreement will subject Old Earth and its peoples to the full might and authority of the Union of Vereal Systems.