A man who believes in nothing will support the status quo, not oppose it.

A man who believes in himself first can be trained to support his society.

The true believer will place his ideals above action, because no action can attain the perfection of his ideals.

These are the people who compose most of the society.

The others? The criminals, idiots, writers, politicians, and fanatics?

The politicians pose some danger, because they are interesting and employ popular vanity and the illusion of ideals to make small changes in society. Small does not necessarily mean insignificant, and for this reason the politicians must be watched.

Of the remainder, the greatest danger comes from the altruistic fanatic, who believes simultaneously in himself, his ideals, and the need for action. Such individuals should be killed at birth, if they could but be identified that early.

Failing that, they should be military heroes and given the first possible chance at a glorious death. That is the Empire's current policy.

Unfortunately, someday one of those heroes will survive …

The Ecolitan Operation - chapter:IV