Of those who claim the Empire is necessary for survival, ask for whose survival—ours or the Empire's.

Of those who assert that Imperial unity is necessary to prevent rebellions and wars, ask why the number of wars and rebellions remains constant century after century—even as the Empire has grown mightier and mightier.

Of those who declare that the Empire is necessary for the wise allocation of resources, ask how allocation is possible when the cost of transport between systems makes it infeasible for all but the most precious of goods.

Of those who fear aliens hidden in the stars, ask why the Empire has enslaved those few found with less effort than ruling us.

Of those claiming peace as the reason for the Empire, ask why the Empire maintains the mightiest fleets and forces of all time.

Of those who claim the Empire promotes free movement of peoples, ask why the Empire conquers and enslaves those who would leave peacefully.

The Ecologic Secession - chapter:XXXI