soulsong one

My songs for you alone will flow;
at my death none but you will know
cold coals on black stove's grate, ash-white,
faintest glimmers for winter's night.
This moment is my last time to sing…

Adiamante - chapter:3,7

…golden autumn that will see no spring,
for white flakes will gown my grace,
and jewels of ice will frame my face…

Adiamante - chapter:5

…a fragment drifted through my internal dialogues

…and through the sun will blaze out tears,
our joys will last the endless years.

Adiamante - chapter:9

…through buds blossomed too quick, too true,
and words we whispered flamed in vain
against Old Earth's last reign and rain…

Adiamante - chapter:15