"From what [Nylan] could tell from a quick skimming, the volume centred on the reputed exploits of Rohrn - whose small round shield had turned permanent red from the blood of various miscreants who had attempted to eliminate Rohrn without success. …Rohrn seemed to have been a thoroughly disagreeable fellow, who killed people if they even suggested that murder was hardly noble or even, in one case, because an old woman has suggested that the ancient Ceryl might have been as great a warrior as Rohrn. There, Rohrn had been relatively merciful - he'd only killed the old woman and raped her daughter, rather than slaughtering the entire household in the name of his honour as a great warrior"

The Chaos Balance - page:199,200

The above book name sourced from tWO, the tCB title is -"Concerning the Red Shield of Rohrn"