Olma's Copybook

The White Order - page:62

The Legend of Fornal

The White Order - page:102

Histories of Cyador - (both volumes)

The White Order - page:102

Rule, Laws, and Accompaniments of Trade

The White Order - page:120

The Science of Measurement and Reckoning

The White Order - page:126,127

The Wondrous Tales of the Green Angel

The White Order - page:127

Tellis is evasive about the content ("It is …verse …of a particular sort.")

Prestad's Anatomical Explications

The White Order - page:184

Broka - tutor

Naturale Mathematicks

The White Order - page:197

Esaak - tutor

The Mathematicks of Logic

The White Order - page:380

Esaak - tutor

The Navigator

Scion of Cyador

Emyl's Tales

Wellspring of Chaos - page:23

Book of Godly Prayer

Wellspring of Chaos - page:30

Code of Cyad

Ordermaster - page:266

Foundation for the later laws of Austra, Nordla, etc

On Philosophy

Ordermaster - page:349

Kharl thinks: It made The Basis of Order seem simple and practical.

a history of Brysta

Ordermaster - page:361

title ??

History of Hamor

Ordermaster - page:365

A thick book that began with the legends of the founders who fled the demons of Candar in search of a better life.

Tales of Cyad

Ordermaster - page:394

verses of Lenchret

Ordermaster - page:394

title ??

The Art of Healing

Ordermaster - page:395