…peacekeeping is based upon keeping harmony among people…yet people though though they look similar may not react in the same fashion when confronted by a patroller…or especially a Patrol mage…

Colors of Chaos - page:150

…no man may encroach upon the person or the property of another save with the express permission of the Council unless some person has been observed breaking the peace and flees …nor may any patroller enter the dwelling of any family, save as invited, or in pursuit of an observed peacebreaker or with the permission of the Council…

…a patroller or a Patrol mage who breaks the peace will be judged by the Council…

Colors of Chaos - page:150

Cerryl is tasked with presenting an argument on why exceeding the rules was dangerous to an individual mage and to the Guild.

"Each mage holds some power to marshal chaos, and that chaos can change or even destroy the lives of others…For those with such power, to live and work together requires trust. Trust among those who can marshal chaos requires that the use of chaos power be restricted to what all have agreed is needful. Rules describe what is needful…"

"If a mage transgresses the rules of the Guild, he must be punished, for if he be not so disciplined, others well might follow his example, each in greater measure than the previous transgressor. Thus, a transgressor of the rules must subject either the transgressor to punishment or the Guild to an example leading to greater transgression. Likewise, by transgressing, a mage places himself outside the protection of the Guild and exposes himself to possible retribution for his transgression…"

Colors of Chaos - page:287