Vale of Cuetayl, Dumar

In this battle Anna develops a series of spells to discover a safe path around enemy positions.

Show me best and show me clear
the route to avoid this danger near;
like a vision, like a map or plot…

Show the route, where it will start
to take us to the Vale's very heart,
away from that road that all do take,
above the lines our foes do make…

Show us now and from the air,
the southern trail to the Vale,
and how it winds its way to there…

Show me now and oh so clear
where our enemies now appear;
whether hidden or in sight,
show their places in your light.

Dumaria, Dumar

Anna's spells for discovering any armsmen hiding in the city.

Find, find, any Dumarians close to here,
any armsmen bearing weapons hard and near…

Find any armsmen nearby

Show the armsmen in that exact place
from outside from where we saw his face
show the place both clear and bright,
so we may find it in the light…

Shows the exact building in the mirror