Shield spell — protection against enchanted weapons.

Against enchanted weapons be my shield,
save me from all arms those against me wield…

The original version of a much amended spell

Destroying an enchanted weapon.

Javelin magic, javelin strong,
turn to flame with this song!

Making a Sturnin sorcerers spell rebound against him.

Weapons of sorcery, weapons of night,
hidden by spells and away from Clearsong…
Your powers rebound to your speller so strong
with double the power and double the might…
Burn into dust and sear unto ashes and light…

Use of Darksong to save Lord Jecks.

…always strong, as though young, spells always cleanly sung,
back from danger, bring him life, …through all strife…

Matriarch's compulsion spells — used on her daughter Veria.

Sit and listen, my dear one.
Listen 'til my tale is done!

Go now, go and fight
for all you've said is right…

Sends Veria to fight with the freewomen at Elewha

Matriarch spells Abslim (head of the exchange)

For the good of one and all,
for the course of large and small…

…for harmonies of earth and skies,
for lives less strife and lies…

Anna's first experiment with changing lyrics

Paper white, paper bright,
flame clear in my sight.

The Soprano Sorceress - page:96

(A young) Secca's first spell

Fire, fire, burn so bright
burn well and warm and light…

Darksong Rising - page:333

Warding Spell

Sing, sing a song;
keep them safe to last our whole night long.
Don't worry 'cause it's sure strong enough
for those who don't belong.
Just sing, sing a song.

The Soprano Sorceress - page:307


Anna had a dark green gown, dark green gown
whose cloth was strong and light
and everywhere that Anna went
the gown stayed pure and bright.

The Soprano Sorceress - page:267

Defeating bandits, Post Sand Pass

Sing a song of villains, stop them as I can;
four and twenty arrows shoot into each man.
If that is not enough, then wrap their necks in stringing;
now isn't that a better way to stop their evil singing?

The Soprano Sorceress - page:209

Repairing a cracked mirror

Mirror, mirror with cracks in glass,
remove the fissure with this pass,
Make it shine smooth and fine…

The Soprano Sorceress - page:398

Forging Spell — failed!

With iron, carbon, and heat be met,
metal heat and steel be set;
forge this steel into a blade,
as good as the finest ever made…

The Spellsong War - page:282

Cleaning Spell

Clean, clean, the bricks and wood and lesser things,
and take the dirt until all shines and spotless sings…
The very air and song… ensure all filth and vermin gone.

The Spellsong War - page:207

short building spell

Preparation for, and destroying, the Evult's forces at the Chean River Crossing.

Cut, cut, cut your bed
deeply through the ground
easily, easily, easily,
with water yet unfound.

Leave, leave, leave the road
covered by the ground..

Carve, carve, carve
deep beneath the ground…

Leave, leave, leave the road
covered by the ground…

Hold, hold, hold the road
firm above the ground…

Sink, sink, sink the land
deeply through the ground
easily, easily, easily,
mud is all around.

Churn, churn, churn the rocks…

…swirled underground!

the Sinking song

Ol' man riber…

…he just keeps roiling along…

the River Song