Blessed be the land that receives the damp,
Strike the watered clouds with heaven's lamp.
Blessed be the land that receives the rain.
Open the clouds onto the thirsty plain.

Farsenn at Pamr

Men of Pamr, heed no woman's song,
for Farsenn will make you proud and strong
so put your trust and all your heart
behind the chandler and his part…

Farsenn at Pamr

Take their wits and hold them fast,
so their actions cannot last.
Take their eyes and make them slow,
so they know not where the time may go..

the Muddling song

Farsenn at Pamr

Clearsong, sorceress, fall to the old,
bright voice still and songs grow cold.
Darksong, darksong, strike with might,
put the sorceress to death this night…

the Death song


Show me the Sorceress of Defalk,
what she does and where she may walk…
and who stands by her side and hand…



Find, find, find where the sorceries abound.
Break, break, break the harmony of sound…

defence against Anna's arrow song