All day I faced this barren waste
without a taste of cold, clean water.
Give now my glass in lovely place
a healthful taste of cold, clean water.

The Soprano Sorceress - page:41

'cold', too effective…turns water to ice

Since now he's faced this duty's waste
without a taste of cool, clear water,
shower him now with water cold and clear…

The Soprano Sorceress - page:251

educating a skeptical guard

Cool clear water in this pail…

typical water spell

All day she'll face the laundry's tasks,
and she'll need her casks
of water, clear, pure water…

gathering water for Dalila

Water, water steaming hot,
in the confines of the pot.
Boil and bubble up to clean
the clothes as bright as ever seen

handy laundry spell

Hot and steaming, clean and clear,
now make this water to appear…

heating bath water

Water, water, in the bath below,
both hot and soothing flow…

variation on the bath heating spell