Not always will the Lord be at your left hand, or your right. I was there to save a child, but I will not always be with you.

All are children and friends under the Lord and the Prophet, for the Lord is our Father. And all who share His bounty should be His children. For when one has seen the endless stars in His mansions, then one must realize how mighty is all creation....

I am what I am. The Lord has seen what I have seen, and I have seen brothers and sisters killing each other. The Lord has said to bring His word to those who do not believe, yet how can someone who is dead hear the word of the Lord? Even Toren the Prophet wrote 'do not say, better my cousin than my neighbour, for all men and women are neighbours in the eyes of the Lord.'

The Lord has His own plans for you and for me; we are to be molded for His use, whether we will or not.

Does a name mean that it is so? Does calling a knife a lily make it one? Arguments are but words, and the logic of the scholars often bears little truth, only fine structure, like a well-built palace of sin.

Be of good courage, and deny me not, for what will be is the will of the Lord. Cast down this Temple, and the Lord will rebuild it, almost before your eyes.

You know the Lord, And the Lord knows you in your hearts. Judge not, lest you be judged, and yet, I say unto you, even as He will raise this Temple in less than three days, yes, even in the quickness of time, will He also give me for you, for someone must speak for you, you who would not speak for love. For you, someone must speak. For you, someone must offer forgiveness. Someone must atone for you--both now and in the fullness of time.

I am what I am. I claim nothing. All too often men claim. What matters a claim to the Lord? You have claimed you do the will of the Lord when you slaughter others. An older prophet said to consider the beam in your own eye before the mote in your brother's.

Those who seek to destroy with fire can themselves be destroyed by fire. Destruction of those who could be brothers and sisters is not a demonstration of love. And the Lord has always been a God of Love.

I was sent to deliver a message. The Lord does not beg, but He will instruct. I have done what I was sent to do, and those who have eyes to see and ears to hear may learn more of the will of the Lord.

I am as real as you. Is this arm not flesh? You saw the fire, did you not? The ashes, did you not? All men must burn, sooner or later. I have come to do what I was charged with, and now I must return. For a time, I will go as others do, and then I will return to my place in the Lord's mansions.

The Parafaith War - chapter:74