And He will love thee and bless thee and multiply thee; He will also bless the fruit of thy womb, and the fruit of thy land, thy corn, thy wine, and thine oil and all the works of thy forges and the works of the tools of thy tools, and the increase of all that He hath given thee in the worlds to which His Prophet hath brought thee, as He swore unto thy fathers and their fathers.

Ye shall be blessed above all people in all the worlds and mansions of thy Father, so long as ye shall follow the words of His Prophet.

Ye shall consume all the people which the Lord thy God shall deliver unto thee; thine eyes shall have no pity upon them; neither shall ye serve their gods, nor the gods of the land, nor the gods of the forge nor the gods of the coin, for those will be a snare unto ye.

Do not say in thine hearts, those worlds are more than I; how are we to dispossess them?

Be not afraid of the heathen, nor those that follow the false gods, nor those that would counsel unto thee, let us reason together; for well-crafted words are but a snare, and cannot stand before faith in thy Father the Lord.

Listen to thy Father, and the words of the Prophet, and ye shall remember what the Lord God did unto Pharaoh, and unto those who surrendered their souls to the god of gold and precious metals, and unto those who saw not the many mansions in thy Fathers house, and despaired in the dust of ancient Sodom, or those who despaired and perished upon the ashes of ancient Earth.

The graven images of other gods ye shall burn with the fires of the heavens and the depths; ye shall not take those technologies and those beliefs that are on them, nor take them into thee lest ye be snared therein, for such are an abomination to the Lord thy God, as spoken by His Prophet.

Ye shall not be afrightened by them, for the Lord thy God is among thee, a mighty god and terrible. And He shall deliver their kings unto thine hand, and thou shalt destroy their name from under heaven. There shall be no man or woman to stand against thee, not even those who once would have lived forever, and ye shall render them unto dust and raise on that dust new mansions in thy Father's house, as it is His will ...

The Parafaith War - chapter:2

Wherefore shall it profit a man to gain all the lands under the heavens if the cost of those lands be that he take into his heart that which is an abomination unto the Lord?

What shall be an abomination, ye ask? Ye are the people of the Lord, and I am His Prophet, and I say unto ye that an abomination is that which displeases the Lord and rejects his teachings.

What displeases the Lord? A man who does not hold the Lord and His ways above all, or a woman who would place the ways of the world above her duty to bring forth souls and to nurture them in righteousness and in the ways of the Lord.

Although there are indeed many mansions in your Father's heavens, any being, whether conceived in the depths of the most distant heavens or in the fires of the most distant star, any being which does not accept the Lord and His commandments, such is displeasing to the Lord. For those who accept not the Lord have lost their souls to darkness and are to be counted as less than the dust under the soles of a man's boots, as less than the sand between a woman's toes.

Even less are they who have known the Lord and rejected Him, for they have chosen nothingness over the substance of the Lord.

This is the first and greatest commandment, that ye shall accept the ways and the laws of the Lord, and ye shall have no other god before Him. And the second is like unto it, that no man and no woman shall turn away from the needs of another soul of the Lord.

For the work of the Lord is the work of all faithful souls, and woe unto those who toil not in the fields of the Lord. Neither shall they no peace nor certitude, nor cool water upon parched lips, nor the succour of a loving Father. But they shall go unto nothingness troubled and despairing through all the days of their lives, which shall flicker out and be gone as quickly as those of the mayflies.

The souls of the Lord shall live forever in the sight of the Lord, and He shall be glad to receive them, and they shall come to live in His mansions for so long as the heavens shall endure, and even beyond.

As I have spoken, as the Prophet of the Lord, so shall it be, now and forever.

For, as I raise my left hand to cause the lightning to flash, ye see and do not see. This flame I raise in the name of the Lord, and I have raised it with my lesser hand, and I am far less than the Lord. Would ye have me raise my greater hand? Or have the Lord bring His mightiness against ye?

The Parafaith War - chapter:11